Cover Up Droopy Eyes With Makeup

Having droopy eyes? It’s not really inevitable as it’s pretty much part of aging skin (I’m assuming you’re thorough when it comes to anti-aging routine done in your 20s) and short or booking yourself some eyelift surgery, why not learn a trick or two to camouflage that eye with a little bit of makeup? Here’s how.

When choosing eye shadows, it’s best to choose in matte or creamy finish and avoiding shimmer at all cost. The glitter will end up in the crease and highlight wrinkles surrounding the eye – the only safe place for you to flaunt that shimmery-pearly pink eye shadow is to wear them at the inner corner, to make your eyes look awake. If you want to, apply an eye primer beforehand to set the powder and glitter in place, and refrain from using too much (you’re not 20s anymore).

Apart from avoiding glitter to prevent them from setting within the lines, another reason is to keep the eye makeup looks fresh. Less is more is the rule here; you want to look sophisticated and mature (plus fun in the right way). Plus saggy eyelids may look ‘overburdened’ with the colors popping here and there – the effect may not be so appealing. You don’t to apply up to five colors at one – keep to the bare minimum of three for simplicity and practicality.

To make your eyes more flattering, it’s helpful to pay attention to your lashes closely. Different forms of eyelashes will create different effect, and they complement well with the right application of eyeliner. When using mascara, opt for thickening/volumizing and apply from the root to the tip (use an eyelash curler to amp up the effect). For casual and fresh look, apply on the middle while the ends are best if you want some drama and sexiness.

For bottom lashes; don’t apply them with any mascara, as it will counteract the effect of the upper lashes. The same rule also applies if you’re using false eyelashes.

As for the eyeliner, different application produces their own distinct effect and you should line the eyes that are suitable with your age and occasion so yes, you can rock some cats eye effect if it works! They key to make line them well (liquid types is better than an average kohl) and curve a little bit at the end to virtually lift the eyes. And no tight lining please. It’ll make the sagging lids more prominent.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Once you mastered it, it only takes a few minutes to create a younger-looking eye that you used to have.

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