Decoding The Lines On Your Face

Looking at the mirror and you can’t help but to wonder is the lines that exist on your face is something like a code collected from the past years of your life. Well, in a way, it is! Here’ some tips and simple guides in understanding wrinkles and fine line existed on your face, and the ways that can be done to erase them for good.

Basically, wrinkles are like grooves that occur on the surface of your skin. What started as the normal crease after repetitive expressions (like laughing, smiling, frowning at the forehead, and crinkling of the eyes), the lines then turn into grooves, eventually forming deeper lines called folds, such as at the nasolabial (nose to mouth) or the ‘marionette’ at the mouth to chin area.

Over time, these wrinkles from superficial to deep will set itself on your skin, even your face stays is at rest or looks poker face. And we certainly don’t want that.

And these wrinkles happen mainly due to a number of causes such as damages occur in the specific area of the skin over time, mainly from sun damage and aging signs; an expression used over time (couples with the intensity of each expression) like vertical frown lines on the forehead.

Collagen and elastin broken down due to natural causes of aging can also be one of the important factors, especially if the loss occurs within the second layer of the skin called dermis. And of course, even fat loss, weakening bone structure, and muscle mass because of aging and significant decrease of health.

Knowing what really causes these wrinkles to form on your skin can be very helpful in choosing the right treatment to ‘erase’ these lines for good. You want it to look artfully natural and younger like only your skin gets back in time as much as a decade. Hey, it’s possible you know.

As far as ‘fixing’ and ‘erasing’ these lines, there are not absolute rule when it comes to smoothing the lines but rather a general guidance as each case is individually different .

But generally speaking, light and superficial wrinkles can be treated lovingly with the help of mild peels and lasers that are used to exfoliate the topmost layer of the skin that are laden with wrinkles, in order for new skin cells to emerge itself. Or perhaps get yourself a shot of Botox to calm the particular muscle that causes you wrinkles in the first place.

Deeper set of wrinkles and fold require more sophisticated treatment; a Botox of Dysport can be used for effect mentioned before, or perhaps a couple of dermal fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane to plump up the skin from within, hence restoring volume that has been lost, eventually erasing the deep lines naturally.

Hope these tips and guidance helps you in choosing the best set of treatment plan, for the wrinkles.

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