What To Know About Lip Fillers

Having plump and full lips is normally considered a sign of beauty, youth and good health. Whether your lips are thinning because of the aging process or you were naturally born with thin lips, there are ways to enhance them. You can use lip injections which contain synthetic or natural fillers which can help keep your lips full for months. For a more permanent solution, you can undergo lip implants as well as other surgical treatments. You can also undergo different options like lip lifts, vermillion and permanent makeup.

Each year, thousands of people across the world undergo lip enhancement procedures using lip fillers, and they are pleased with the outcomes.

When to Consider Undergoing Lip Enhancement

  •  When you’ve always had thin lips which disappear each time you smile
  •  When you naturally age, and your lips increasingly become thinner
  •  When you are particular or conscious about the way your lips look
  •  Fuller, plump lips will balance your facial appearance

Other Related Procedures

Most people who consider undergoing lip enhancement procedures also consider facial implants, permanent makeup and lip fillers.

How Much Do Lip Fillers Cost?

The cost of undergoing a lip enhancement procedure varies widely depending on the patient’s individual needs. A 0.5ml lip filler injection will normally hover between $350 and $700. Most cosmetic surgeons provide free consultation where they will give you the actual cost. To achieve a more brilliant smile after your makeover, you may want to consider combining your lip enhancement procedure with teeth whitening.








  • Different lip fillers are temporary and can be tailor-made to suit your requirements


  • Surgical enhancement and implants offer a more permanent solution


  • One day recovery for lip filler injections and a week for lip surgery






  • Temporary lip fillers will require injections after a few months


  • Possibility of lip asymmetry


  • Implants are difficult to remove


These are some of the pros and cons to consider before undergoing a lip enhancement procedure. If you want to concentrate on what is important and unique to you, be sure to consult with your cosmetic surgeon.


Am I the Right Candidate To Undergo a Lip Enhancement Procedure?


These are some reasons why you might want to consider undergoing a lip enhancement procedure:


  • If you want to plump your thin lips and make them look fuller. If your lips disappear each time you smile, then you may be the perfect candidate for lip enhancement.


  • Some procedures can help perk up uneven lips as well as improve the shape of your mouth and gums each time you smile.


  • If your tips are too big and take up a good portion of your face, you can speak to your cosmetic surgeon about the possibility of lip reduction.


If you have good health, a positive attitude and have realistic expectation, then you are idea for this treatment.

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